2.3. Finding the perfect property

Finding the perfect property in Mallorca comes down to TWO ALL IMPORTANT FACTORS: your estate agency and research. 

Your real estate agent

Your real estate agent is essential because you will need a professional ally, to guide and advise you, through a process which is possibly the biggest money transaction you are likely to make, and all in a foreign country and in another language.


Research is important because it means you will not be relying entirely on your agent. You are far more likely to make a successful purchase if you have a thorough personal understanding of the property you are buying, the area, the market, your options and the buying process

Be flexible

It may often be the case that your initial idea of the perfect house is either unattainable or more readily available in a different area or in a different style. Look at comparables and buy primarily for your own needs. People often buy property in Mallorca in the belief they will be receiving endless visits from families and friends and then find themselves with a property that is either too big or remote or both, and unmanageable for them alone.

Experience speaks worlds

The accounts and past mistakes of veteran home buyers will give you invaluable information on how to proceed, or how not to, and what to look out for in the Mallorca property market. Speak to home owners in Mallorca, browse blogs, ask friends and if you have the opportunity, spend some time on the island talking to the foreign residents living in Mallorca. Some things cannot be learnt from a book or a propertry guide!

Viewing trips

Finding the perfect property requires time. Although a holiday can be perfectly well combined with a few browses through real estate agency windows and possibly even a viewing or two if you are very organised, buying a property in another country is a important decision and not one to be taken lightly, or in a hurry. If you are tempted and seriously contemplating a house purchase in Mallorca, you may find it preferable to choose a good real estate agency first and then arrange a viewing trip on the island.

Rent a property in the area

Alternatively, consider renting a property on the island first. This can be perfectly combined with a holiday of course, but it is primarily a research expedition!, and should be taken as such. The benefits of this are multifaceted and will equip you well for future house buying negotiations. 

Buy for YOU in mind

Ultimately, a reputable and professional agent will want you to find the right property and will do their utmost to present you with all the possible options. As you learn more about Mallorca and your prefered area you may find your preferences and priorities shift, there may be other factors you had previously ignored and suddenly become important, attractive or unappealing. So, keep an open mind! The small townhouse may present all kinds of options, or the villa in the country may not actually feel all that remote afterall, your budget may actually be able to buy and refurbish if you move 5 km further inland and the small beachside apartment could well be that perfect summer pad you can lock up in the winter and not worry about until the following year.


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