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This is an up to date real estate guide for Mallorca property buyers, with news, information and resources to help you navigate the local property market and understand the often confusing process of buying a house in Spain.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of Britons living and working in Spain today, and Mallorca, though not the largest, has one of the most extensive communities of foreigners in the country. Every year, millions of holidaymakers visit its shores and a fair few decide t stay behin and buy a property on the island.

Whatever your reasons for buying real estate in Mallorca, be it as an investment, a second home or as a complete change in lifestyle, there are certain key points which are worth considering before you start. You will need to know what you are looking for and have a good idea as to what is on offer, find a good real estate agency and an english speaking lawyer, understand the buying process and be able to calculate the costs involved. It is also essential you understand the island and its varied corners, its planning zones and restrictions and the legality of building in rural areas.

We will help guide you through the preliminary steps of researching and embarking on a property search in Mallorca, provide assistance in choosing an area, finding the right property, negotiating the price and closing the sale in a foreign country and in a different language. 

We give you our expertise and local know to equip you with all the necessary information, explain the conveyancing process and assist you through the legal and administrative hurdles, explain how to calculate taxes and costs and understand banking and fiscal issues involved with property ownership in Mallorca. The guide is essentially a handbook for house buyers with advice and information on the entire buying process,  so you can embark on this adventure well equipped and fully prepared.

We cover all matters related to property acquisitions, legal issues, Spanish taxes, administrative procedures and banking in Spain. Private and commercial real estate investments, mortgages and loans through Spanish banks and and buying to let, to refurbish and to relocate. 

Armed with our guide and with the expert assistance of a few key professionals, you will stand in good steed to make a wise property purchase and get your value for money. 





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