4. Keys in hand

This is the moment you have been waiting for. You now have the keys to your new home in Mallorca and a new life is about to start. 


Your estate agent may not be your friend as such, they are sales professionals doing their job, but you have come this far together and now you have a English speaking local expert at hand, who knows the property in Mallorca and the intricacies of your personal situation, to help and advise. Post sales service is essential in the property buying process and will ensure you can tie up all the loose ends and make sure everything is done correctly. 

Other professionals may be needed to ease the move to Mallorca. Most people will employ the services of a administation provider (Gestoría) to do the paperwork. Your Gestor will make sure taxes, permits and licenses are paid on time, explain the necessary steps in completing the purchase and make sure you understand what each process involves. They will not offer advise, simply do the admin. 

If you wish to rent your property, be it long term or seasonally as a holiday home, then you need to acquaint yourself with the Tenancy Act and decide how to proceed. You may also require a management company or individual to take care of maintenance, cleaning, laundry etc. Estate agencies often have a rentals department which can offer a fully comprehensive rentals service.

For building work and refurbishment you will need to employ an architect and a contractor and apply for all the necessary building permits. Be certain your property is located in an area or zone in which you can build or refurbish, as heavy fines will fall if you fail to comply with Mallorca´s strict building laws.

Relocating to Mallorca, with family or alone, involves a whole new set of challenges. Things work slightly differently here in Mallorca and in order to ensure the move and settling in is smooth, there are a few key steps to follow and a bit of research to be done beforehand. Important documentation may need to be translated, your car, your pet, your furniture all need to be shipped over, your family requires healthcare, gyms, schools, shopping facilities, you have hobbies and work to consider too. 

Mallorca is a wonderful place to live, for whatever length of time. It is warm and friendly with a stunning natural landscape, it is easy to get to and caters to a whole range of different people and needs.You are certain to find your niche here.

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