4.6. Post sales service

Now you own a property in Mallorca.

You may want to simply move in, or arrange for your furniture and belongings to be shipped over. The house may be in need of some work, a bit of refurbishing or even a full restoration project. And then there is the question of rentals, one of the main reasons British investors are buying property on the island.

You needn't do all this alone. You have already been working alongside a real estate agency and lawyer. If you are happy with their professionalism, then it may be worth keeping them near for the next steps.

Your real estate agency will offer an after sales service which can help you through most administration involved in planning, building and refurbishing your property, relocating and settling in, and managing and renting your property once you have completed the sale.

Immediate post sales services include:

Arranging all the name changes.

Compiling a detailed list for the notary completion date.

Contacting service and utility companies to ensure all payments are up to date.

Ensuring the utilities are then all connected properly and you are not left with any debts or problems from the previous owners of the property.

Other auxiliary services which can be provided by your estate agency are help and recommendations for tax and insurance companies, banking in Spain and abroad, pensions and healthcare and a multitude of services which make owning in Mallorca so much easier when you have a professional ally on your side.

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