4.3. Property Management

Property management can involve anything from the occasional visit to your house to air the rooms and tend to the garden to live-in help or a management company which organises everything needed to run a home or a rental property. Laundry, shopping, general maintenance and pool and garden are all need of continuous upkeep. There are a myriad of property management companies available to choose from in every corner of the island. Most real estate agencies have their own rentals department and can offer property management as part of a bigger rentals package or will be able to advise on respected property management companies operating in the area.

Property management for rentals

If you are planning to rent your property on a seasonal basis and wish to manage the rentals business yourself then there are cleaning outfits and gardening and maintenance companies which can take care of your property while you are away or during the rental period. This method involves you liaising with each member of the team. Alternatively appoint an individual or company to organise the management and help translate between the different parties, holiday renters, gardener and cleaner and you.

Property management for private homes

If you are going to be spending large periods away from your new property on the island, then you may be interested in employing the services of a local couple, who will take care of the house and grounds. This is the traditional method and seems to work quite well. A local farmer and his wife will keep the place clean and look after the trees and grounds, possibly planting a vegetable plot, which they will benefit from while you are away.


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