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Given that Mallorca covers a mere 3,640 m2 and that it takes under an hour's drive to the airport, wherever you may be, then it can be comfortably stated that services and ammenities on the island supply and cater to the island as a whole. However, when you are in Mallorca you do sometimes require your services a bit closer to hand so, choosing an area with a good provision of services will stand you in good steed for the future.

WIFI and Internet

Internet connection on the island can vary somewhat between areas and anywhere mountainous tends to have poor reception.

Local internet providers are installed in the most remote areas bringing internet to the mountains and craggy coastline. Many local townhalls have installed wifi in the main square, which becomes an office away from home.

Eating Out 

Mallorca covers the whole spectrum when it comes to eating out. Pavement cafes and bars line most village squares while restaurants from all over the world dot the coast, from michelin starred and downright grotty and chic cosmopolitan restaurants, in the golf clubs and marinas, in ancient monasteries and vineyards, vie with tiny bistros hidden in down cobbled streets. Its about exploring and when you find one you like, keep going back. Loyalty goes a long way here and having a friendly local diner is a great start to settling in on the island.

For traditional Mallorcan cuisine look out for the Cellers and names starting with Can, meaning house of. These are often old family run restaurants serving local cuisine. For a reasonably priced midday meal, try out a Menu del Dia, which is a set 3 course meal with wine and water often included in the price. Don't expect great culinary wonders, but you will be served wholesome local dishes in a great environment.

Transport and rental services

All the major rental car firms operate on the island, a large percentage of them directly out of Palma airport, while smaller local car hire companies can be found along the coast in all the main resorts. Car leasing offers an alternative transport solution for long regular stays on the island.

Local transport is reliable yet scarse and practically grounds to a halt out of season, with buses running to and from Palma city and the airport but not between towns.

Boats and marinas

From small local marinas to high end marinas for superyachts, there are 30 marinas dotted right round the island's coast, half of which are concentrated around the Palma area. The Royal Yacht Club in Palma hosts the yearly Copa del Rey regatta in the Bay of Palma. 2015, the 34th edition of the cup, is scheduled to take place from the 1st to the 8th of August.

Builders and architects

For building work, reformations and refurbishing you will need to hire the services of a surveyor, architect and head builder, who will then provide a team of workmen. For plumbing, electricity, pools and carpentry you can shop around locally or enlist a project manager to oversee the whole process.

Maintenance services

Cleaning, laundry, repairs, gardening, pool maintenance and rubbish collection can all be taken care of by a single maintenance company. This is especially useful if you are away from your property for long periods of time or if you are planning to rent your property. Ask your real estate agent to put you in contact with local maintenance firms or whether they may provide the service themselves.

Language services

Translations, sworn translations, interpreters and language teachers are available in most major towns and privately through classified adds. Most estate agencies will employ english speaking sales staff who can provide language assistance and help translate and interprete the contracts. If you require an official translation of certain important documents then you are advised to contact the British Consulate in Palma and ask for a list of available sworn translators. The consulate will sometimes provide the service themselves but will not do so if the notary can instead.

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